Top 6 Best Pickleball Paddle Under $100

Your search for the best pickleball paddle under $100 ends here. We have compiled a list of top-rated and budget-friendly paddles that will suit your needs.

More than just looking at price, we researched the quality of materials and design of each paddle to ensure you get the best value for your money.

So please sit back and enjoy this informative blog post while we go over everything you need to know about buying new Pickleball paddles.

Pickleball is an excellent sport that all ages can play, but sometimes it can be tough to find a good set of paddles without breaking the bank. Lucky for you, we’ve done our research so that you don’t have to! Scroll down below to find out more.

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best pickleball paddle under $100

List Of Top Best Pickleball Paddle Under $100

#1. Paddletek Bantam EX-L Paddle

The Paddletek “New Era Bantam EX-L Pickleball set is best value pickleball paddle and excellent choice for those looking to take their game up a notch. This lightweight paddle offers plenty of power and control, making it perfect as an all-around player or someone who likes playing on both sides of the court.

For example, its advanced Bantam PolyCore interior is ultra-responsive for quick gameplay. Because of this quality racquet, you will not mind having a large hitting area and improved power while playing singles or doubles.

This pickleball paddle comes with 5 different colors to suit any player’s taste. The lightweight 7-ounce models are perfect for those looking to maintain control, while heavier 8-ounce versions provide more power without sacrificing accuracy or distance shots alike!

The best way to win is with a perfectly balanced racket. 

This one has an exceptionally velvety polycarbonate surface that will give you more power and spin than any other! With players at all levels of experience, this bad boy can handle their game – no matter how high it goes.

This quality pickleball paddles is made to be both windy and humid, with a high-performance grip that provides consistency in any condition.

The customer’s review of the paddle was that it is well balanced and provides enough power to strike balls in the right direction. However, they also mention an issue with scraping easily on protective edges, which can lead to constant mishandling or scratching by following users who are not careful about handling gear themselves.


• Get a solid, durable paddle with the Bantam EX-L Paddle by paddletek

• Available in over 20 colors to match your style and personality

• Includes a standard grip for stability and control

• Perfect for spin shots or looping backhand loops

• Balanced weight is easier to hold and allows for more control

• Easy to pick up if lost or misplaced, making it a convenient piece of sports equipment

• Durable construction makes the item long-lasting


Soft edge guard

#2. ONIX Graphite Z5 Pickleball Paddle

The ONIX Graphite Z5 Pickleball Paddle is a high-quality best rated pickleball rackets that all age groups can use. Many winners of championship tournaments used this in their competition and won the title as well. It’s perfect for professional pickleball players who want to win matches with it.

This fantastic model has a graphite face, making it lightweight and flexible. This material gives you more advantage when making pop moves with an incredible speed!

The pickleball paddle comes with an ergonomic design for a massive sweet spot to hit the ball quickly and accurately. Regardless you are a beginner or pro player, and this pickleball will make it easy as pie.

You can also adjust it so that even if contact does happen outside of this area, there will be enough room on either side pins to make contact without affecting its performance too much (although I still recommend using some kind words).

The Nomex Honeycomb Core in this mid-weight shaft is designed to generate power, regardless of weight.

The result?

You can easily hit shots with accuracy and strength while moving smoothly across the court!

The perfect grip of the racket makes it easy to hold for extended gameplay. You’ll experience no loose shots and can play with confidence, knowing that your hand won’t slip off from its comfortable handle design.

When it comes to the best pickleball paddles, there are a few factors that determine your style. According to some experts, it’s more of a power side than balance. Your control may be slightly restricted because you lean towards this type of gameplay in pickleball paddles.


• ONIX Graphite Z5 Pickleball Paddle has an excellent spin and power

• Allows for adjustment to fit your gameplay style 

• Has a wide sweet spot perfect for outdoor/indoor gameplay 

• Reasonable price 

• Well-rounded design that is easy to control


  • The surface finish of this item is not very good.
  • Not come with a protective cover

#3. HEAD Radical Elite Pickleball Paddle

The HEAD Radical Elite Pickleball Paddle is an excellent way for players of all skill levels to improve their paddling skills. This paddle is designed with an ergonomic handle and lightweight head, which give you better control when playing the game of pickleball.

The fiberglass hitting surface of this paddle is a great asset to have as it will make your shots feel more solid and powerful. It also has plenty of power for every swing thanks to its tough exterior that won’t break easily as other materials can do.

The Head paddle is designed for mid-level and pro players, unlike other paddles that are more appropriate to beginners. It provides decent power with control, so it’s perfect in helping intermediate athletes play their best game yet.

This best pickleball paddle under $100 is an excellent choice for pickleball players. Its honeycomb core and ergo grip can reduce vibration while also providing comfort during gameplay to avoid injury or fatigue due to prolonged use.

In addition to being less likely to hurt your hand on an awkward hit while playing this fast-paced sport with friends.

These paddles also come equipped with ergonomic handles for comfortable gameplay that will last as long as any other type of ballgame equipment does.

Adding graphite to your paddle will improve grip, but be aware that the Elite doesn’t have a very intense spin texture.

Customer reviews for Headgear are consistent. They say the headband is compatible with different weather conditions and provides better control while playing without apparent limitations. However, it could be improved if there were protective covers included in this package.


• Meet all your pickleball needs

• Get a great mix of speed and control that cannot be found with other paddles

• Solid hits every time, no matter the surface or weather conditions

• Best value in the pickleball paddle market

• Perfect for beginners and pros alike

• Intensely crafted with quality materials


Less spin texture

#4. Rally Graphite Pickleball Paddle PX

The Rally Graphite Pickleball Paddle is an excellent choice for those looking to find the best pickleball paddle under $100. This well-made, durable tool can give you incredible performance no matter what style of playstyle you prefer.

The Rally Graphite Pickleball Paddle is a high-end gift for any Pickleball enthusiast. Though it comes at an affordable price, it has many unique features and functions to play different shots with the sturdy honeycomb composite polymer core that offers maneuverability in mind.

You can expect to hit powerful shots while playing on the quality racquet with an excellent feel. The thick layer will absorb shock efficiently, so you don’t have to worry about your arm getting tired or hurt after long periods.

The paddle is designed to increase your playability and boost your skills.

If you’re a serious player, this paddle is perfect for your game.

It comes with a one-year limited warranty and features USAPA approval so that you can play different tournaments without worrying about the quality of strokes or bounces!

This is a powerful best pickleball paddle under 100 with an attractive honeycomb composite polymer core. You can put more power behind your serves, and balls won’t deflect as frequently because this model has greater strength than others, giving you better control of the ball when hitting it into play.

Additionally, the efficient spin will be achieved due to its synthetic material construction — perfect for those looking for high performance without paying too much money.

Are you looking for a cheap pickleball paddle? This one is a perfect choice. The handle has been cushioned to offer maximum comfort while also being sweat absorbent so you can play all day without getting sticky.


• Ideal weight for a fast swing

• Barely makes any sound for quick rallies

• Excellent back and topspin control

• Hard-hitting but easy to swing


Lack of bounce

#5. Rally Graphite Power 5.0 Pickleball Paddle

Wondering how to get a high-quality best pickleball paddle under 100 without breaking the bank? The Rally Graphite Power 5O PickBll Paddle offers excellent performance at an affordable price point that won’t break your budget.

This pickleball paddle is available in various colors, so players with different tastes are catered to.

This pickleball paddle is the perfect size for any player looking to hit their shots with accuracy.

It has a great sweet spot that ensures you will never need another one, and its large head makes it easy on your hands when hitting out wide or up close while retaining excellent power, so don’t be surprised if this thing starts moving faster than expected.

The best way to dominate your competition and end the game persuasively is with this powerful paddle. It’s made for players who like having a firm grip on what they’re doing, so it’ll be perfect whether you want an advantage in competitive games or don’t enjoy losing because we all have our limits.

The paddle face is made from a mixture of graphite polymers and honeycomb when it comes to materials. The size makes for increased contact points with balls, making this ideal for players who like large sweet spots. As well as providing more comfort during play, due in part to its relatively thick core design that will benefit those looking improve ball controls or spin rates.

The high-pitched sound of a pickleball paddle can be distracting when you’re trying to focus on the game. Fortunately, this one is bonded molecularly for improved strength between core and face so that it won’t break as easily.

Furthermore, this middle-weight paddle offers you the choice of two grips to suit your needs and preferences. With free paddle coverings, it will also protect your racket for a lengthened lifespan.


• Soft grip help to control the ball while not losing touch

• 16mm thick core provides a large sweet spot for greater success

• The Rally pickleball paddle has an added protective cover, so if you want to take it with you on the go this is perfect

• The Rally Graphite Paddle is a great choice for players of all levels

• Compete against the best without breaking your budget

#6. Gamma RZR Poly Core Pickleball Paddle

The latest sensation in paddles is a lengthened paddle. In the game of pickleball, playing with a large surface area can provide you with technological advantages by allowing for more accurate hits and preventing misses or weak strikes from being made against your opponent’s ball.

The Gamma rzr Poly Core cheap pickleball paddles is the ultimate middleweight paddle for pickleball player who loves finesse and power. Thanks to its Sensa Poly Core technology, you can play dink shots at precise angles without sacrificing one over the other, thanks in part to an advanced design that makes weight distribution remains even throughout all parts of this bamboo paddle.

The more time spent playing with it will allow your skills as a paddler to improve exponentially.

The pickleball paddle is designed to be easy to hit and score with and have enough power for competitive gameplay. The 7 oz weight of the racket makes it perfect for modern players on a mission – who aren’t tired or sore after just one match.

The paddle provides a more accurate and controlled shot so that you can take your game to the next level. The textured graphite hitting surface will ensure no problem with durability even after heavy use daily.

Along with its soft and sweat-resistant properties, the honeycomb grip of this paddle makes it perfect for any professional game or tournament. It has been tested under USAPA guidelines that ensure compliance in both sport disciplines and safety standards set forth by law around the country.


• Flexible – perfect for any shot

• Lightweight, yet durable

• Versatile – great for beginners and advanced players alike

• Showcase your style with the many colors available

• Razor-thin rails for increased ball control

Final Thoughts: Best Pickleball Paddle Under $100

No matter which pickleball paddle you choose, we’ll make sure that it’s of high quality. You might want more than one, though-based on your gaming requirements!

The best pickleball paddle for those on a budget is the Paddletek “New Era Bantam EX-L Pickleball Paddle. In my experience, this unit has been highly responsive and allows excellent maneuverability to play all sorts of shots with ease.

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