Best Pickleball Paddle Under $50: Buying Guide

We know how difficult it can be to find the quality best pickleball paddle under $50. Some of the cheaper paddles fall apart quickly, develop dead spots or feel uncomfortable to play with. You need something that performs well and holds up to repeated use. 

That’s why we’ve created our best pickleball paddle under 50! It’s perfect for anyone who wants a high-quality paddle without breaking their budget.

When you’re looking for a new pickleball paddle, there are hundreds of them to choose from.

It might be challenging, but don’t worry! I have spent hours researching, and I have found 6 excellent cheap pickleball paddles that share similar design concepts and will be covering each one in detail for you below!

I’ve been playing pickleball for years, and I know a thing or two about the best paddle to get. When it comes down to finding under $50 worth of equipment, there is one factor in common among all three of my picks: they’re made by major tennis racket brands with massive splash on this new game called “pickleball” 

What makes them so unique? That would be their materials construction–made out of high-quality carbon fiber composites designed specifically for doubles play! 

These types of fibers can withstand extreme force while still offering excellent vibration dampening properties which translate into more power of your shots because you’ll last longer without getting tired as quickly like before; plus, these materialist work great.

Why is this important?

While anyone can make a $50 paddle from China and sell it on Amazon, many of those types are not USAPA certified. 

And even if they are certified through small knock-off companies will give you less than what your money’s worth! 

Sure their cheap pickleball set may be decent, but without an expensive series or higher-end models available at different price points for people who want more features in their gameplay. 

Allowing them to focus solely on improving quality rather than quantity-a premium brand helps any company get more customers by catering specifically towards gamers like yourself.

So, if you’re going to choose a cheap $50 paddle, wouldn’t it be wiser for your purchase decision not just on this point alone but also with all things considered than choosing one that a big-time racket company makes? One which offers higher-priced elite paddles as well in the 150 dollar range, right?!

Don’t you think choosing a best budget pickleball paddle $50 paddle from one big-time racket/paddles company would make more sense? 

I’d much rather play with a $50 paddle from Niupipo, an expert brand specializing in all price ranges, versus the unknown little-known company that makes only cheap products.

I’m spending 50 either way, so why not choose wisely?

Best Pickleball Paddle Under $50

List Of Best Pickleball Paddle Under $50

#1. Niupipo Pickleball Paddle

The Niupipo Pickleball Paddles are the most trusted name in making premium quality paddles with the best budget pickleball paddle. 

They use polypropylene honeycomb material for durability and more hitting power, which means you can take this bad boy everywhere! 

The surface also has ultra-responsive properties so that every time your ball hits, it accurately produces optimal performance on the court or off – just like magic!.

The Niupipo Pickleball racket is easy to use and will give you more power with pinpoint accuracy. The fiberglass face makes it possible for any player, even those who haven’t handled a racket before in their life!

The lightweight design also gives off an excellent feel when handling the ball, which can be beneficial depending on how close your opponent might get during playtime.

It feels like nothing at all, so make sure not to let them touch this beauty up top, or else they’ll have quite an unpleasant experience down below!

The mini paddle is best pickleball paddle for beginners who are just starting. It has an 8-ounce weight, providing more pop and spin simultaneously, thanks to its compact size! 

You’ll learn how you should beat your opponent like a pro with this decent little swinger–and have even better chances that it will be approved by all four grandparents too 🙂

The racket has a cushioned handle that is 4.25 inches long and made of soft materials. 

So you can hold it comfortably for long periods without putting much stress on your joints. 

In addition to this, users also can change from one hand into another while giving power shots to make their game more versatile when playing with different types of styles, whether the beginner-level player or pro alike!

You’ll have no reason to worry about protecting your paddle as it comes with a thin edge guard and proprietary protection. 

The unit also includes the ability for you to take care of all that’s needful by providing an extra cover that will keep everything in its place!

The paddle is an excellent choice for outdoor and indoor use. It’s covered with a durable fabric that makes it easy to carry while also high-quality construction, creating the perfect accessory no matter where you need your light!

I bought this pickleball paddle because it’s sturdy and lightweight. It has helped my skills, so I recommend these features to anyone who wants an affordable pickleball paddles yet a good-quality tool to improve their game!


• Perfect for beginner and intermediate pickle ballplayers

• Large enough handle size to get more spin on the ball

• The construction is sturdy but not too heavy; meaning it’ll last a long time

• Comfortable grip that you never want to let go of   

• With an attractive design, your hands will look nice while playing

• USAPA approved

• The highest quality at an affordable price point


This weight might be too heavy for some people, but it’s perfect if you’re 8.1 ounces in size!

#2. Champion Spark Pickleball Paddle

Some people do not like to play with paddles with edge guards, as they can deflect the ball and cause knock-out points.

This pickle pro paddles is a lifesaver! It has an edge guard that does not stick out too far, and it’s also equipped with a thick core for more bounce. 

This makes the power of your strikes stronger- translating into better strokes all around in both forehand shots or backhands hit at top speed.”

This means there are no harsh impacts against any sensitive body parts, so you can stay safe while playing competitively.

The grip may be too small for those with large hands, but it’s easy to make your own! You can add an overwrap and cushion the handle so that you have more control.

A drawback of this product is its four-inch size – most adults will need a thicker wrap as their hand size increases. But if you search the web and find cheap alternatives like wrist wrappers or cushion grips, then your problem is solved!

To counter the extra power you get from a thick core and fiberglass surface, I recommend using a smaller grip. 

This will also make your paddle more agile so it can be faster when hitting various surfaces with pinpoint accuracy while still delivering some serious hits!

The Spark best pickleball set and the Ranger Paddle are two fantastic options for those who want to get their hands on one of these paddles. 

The weight, size, grip-ability as well as durability characteristics between both products are very similar.

Still, there is a clear winner when it comes down to power or versatility: fiberglass vs vinyl surface material with different core weights depending upon preference!

The paddle cover is a great way to keep your blade safe while transporting or storing. It has an included neoprene sleeve that keeps it from getting damaged, and the zipper makes sure you don’t accidentally damage anything with sharp edges!

Overall, the Pickleball Champion Spark Paddle is another excellent choice for children and young adults. 

The four-inch grip size makes it better suited to smaller players who might have trouble with larger paddlers or those looking for more agility during gameplay. 

It also gives you that extra power compared to your average ranger paddle at only 7 ounces!


• Offers a one-year warranty

• Durable construction with edge guard for enhanced bounce

• Quality built neoprene zippered paddle cover to last longer

• Great for competitive use

Offer an excellent pickleball paddle for players of all levels


Slim grip gives too much power and not enough control

#3. The Head Radical Elite

The Radical Elite by HEAD is my runner-up pick for the best paddle under $50.

If you’ve ever played tennis, then the HEAD brand should be familiar. Their dedication to pickleball can be seen in their wide range of paddles for different levels and abilities from beginner level up through pro-level play.

Sarah Ansboury is sponsored by the head, who knows how hard it must have been at first just learning this new sport!

I’m sure everyone here wants great equipment because without good gear, there would be nothing much fun about playing, but also, being injury-prone, often players don’t want that either, so why not invest wisely.

The Head paddle is the perfect tool for mid-level and pro players who want to take their game up a notch. 

With its decent power and control features, you can rely on it in your game!

You’ll love the way this paddle feels in your hand. It’s made of a durable honeycomb core that provides power while also comfortable griping for hours on end!

The Elite Head paddle’s graphite surface provides an intense grip for players. It also doesn’t have quite as much “spin texture” compared to other paddles, though it can still get the job done when you need something lightweight and reliable in your bag!

The Head paddle is the perfect tool for mid-level and pro players who want to take their game up a notch. With its decent power and control features, you can rely on it in your game!

As for the customers’ reviews shared that this headgear is compatible with play with different weather conditions.

The paddle provides better control and can be enjoyed without any apparent limitations- except when it comes time for cleaning or storing! Customers also complained about not having an extra cover so you don’t get dirt all over yourself while playing in your backyard on sunny days (but really, anything would work).


• Comfortable grip for all-weather

• Lightweight to move quickly without fatigue

• Comes in a variety of colors with different weights

• Strong enough for any occasion

• Excellent balance and control 


The Head Radical Elite doesn’t have an intense spin texture.

#4. Upstreet Polypro Honeycomb Pickleball Paddle

The Upstreet Polypro Honeycomb Pickleball Paddle is an excellent choice for those who are on a budget.

Not only does this product have some high-end features, but it also has been designed with affordability in mind – which means you can get your hands on one without breaking the bank too much!

The best wood pickleball paddle is a perfect balance of control and power. Users claim it to be one of the finest for pickleball games, with its wide blade shape making each hit feel like an elegant dance move rather than just hitting something hard over and over again.

The handles on these paddles make them easy to grip and allow you total leverage by allowing more weight distribution towards your arm when striking balls.

The paddle core is a high-end polypro honeycomb composite that has been designed with the player in mind.

It’s perfect for those who want both power and control, as it reduces collision, so you don’t have to worry about having your equipment destroyed during playtime!

The unique cell structure of the core is what makes this honeycomb design so special. 

It consists of three layout patterns, which means you can expect high-level optimum mechanical performance from it!

Additionally, the honeycomb core allows users to excellently control their paddles with minimal vibration and a large sweet spot.

The pickleball paddle is made from graphite materials to ensure long-lasting durability and high power hitting. 

It has an 8-ounce weight, measuring 15 inches in overall length with a height that fits most players between mid-range levels of play.

The aluminum frame of this pickleball paddle provides excellent durability while still providing an affordable cost. 


• Soft and comfortable grip

• Best pickleball set for beginners and advanced players

• Available colors: Bright Green, Shamrock Green

• Responsive and flexible

• Durable

• Easy to play with high flexibility


Upstreet Polypro Honeycomb is a little bit heavier

#5. OSHER Pickleball Paddle

Do you want to play like Pros? Then get the OSHER Pickleball Paddle. It has a graphite construction that will make your shots fly faster and farther than ever before!

The high-quality material used in making this paddle makes it an excellent choice for any player looking to take their game up another notch on court or pond alike – no matter what level they are at. 

With a weight of only 7.8 ounces, the pickleball is both sweat and water-resistant to help you play for more extended periods without feeling discomfort in your hands or wrists. 

The grip on this particular model allows players’ wrist movement, which means less strain when going from shot to shot!

The paddle has a honeycombed polymer core to enjoy great pop and feel solid while hitting balls, but it’s virtually impossible for the pickleball paddle to dent or ding.

The innovative design of the paddle ensures high playability, safety and smoothly hits any shot.

The ergonomic shape makes it easy for anyone to use, even if they have large or small hands!

You don’t have to worry about your paddle blades getting chipped or broken after a ground hit anymore. The edge guard is designed with an ultra-thin construction that protects against any potential mishit while maintaining this stylish model’s low-profile look!


• Dual-resin construction

• Customized to professional pickleball players

• Weighs only 7.8 ounces, the lightest paddle in the game

• Anti-slip grip for added control


  • The rim might come out from the paddle. But if you have a backup, it’s not so bad!

#6. Rally Tyro 2 Composite Paddle

The Rally Tyro 2 Composite Paddle is an excellent paddle for players of all levels. It has a low profile and head shape that will help you generate power with less effort. The blade design reduces drag and increases speed, making this an excellent choice for those who want to play aggressively. 

The Tyro 2 is an affordable paddle for beginning to intermediate pickleball players. It offers good balance between power and control, making it versatile enough that even more experienced players can use it without feeling overwhelmed by difficulty level changes in game modes or ball trajectory tendencies depending on their skill level.

The racket is also USAPA-approved for official matches. However, if you just want to play recreationally, this isn’t necessary because of its approval by the governing body: United States Table tennis Association (USTTA).

The polypropylene core and polycarbonate facing are materials that boost the power of a paddle. 

The polymer filled sphere gives it more bounce, sending balls flying at higher speeds than comparable wooden paddles with fewer options in their price range!

The full-size paddle is an excellent training tool because it helps you maintain control when the ball hits its surface. The vibration dampening technology absorbs some of that force, so your wrist doesn’t experience too much impact and help keep things interesting for more extended periods!

The Vibration Dampening Technology helps give the paddle better feedback, making it more accurate shots. You can feel each ball strike which adds to your overall game of pool.

The grip is on the small side, at 4.25 inches. This makes it especially great for one-handed play because you can enjoy more agility and reflectivity than with larger grips!

One potential issue with the paddle is that it can lose its design and quality over time. Customers have noted bubbles in their paddles, which impacts performance!

As you can see, some players still have complaints about the quality of paddles despite them costing less than $50. It’s hard to find an excellent cheap paddle without compromising on durability or performance! Fortunately we’ve compared all our options so that your search is easier for this tricky purchase decision-making process 🙂

This paddle is an excellent choice for players who want to have better balance and control. Its lightweight design makes it easier on your arm, while its balanced blade combined with silicone grip lets you comfortably play all day!


• USAPA approved for tournament play

• Unique vibration dampening technology to preserve club head and grip

• Easily maintain good balance of power and control


  • The decal is starting to bubble up!
  • The handle feels a little cheap

Conclusion paragraph:

The Niupipo Pickleball Paddle is our top pick under $50. We have this paddle as our top pick because it has a good balance between performance and cost, making it an excellent choice for all budgets. It’s also well-made with durable materials that guarantee decent quality over time if you take care of the paddle properly. If you want to find out more about any of these paddles or get in touch with us to buy one, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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